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What Records Must a Semitruck Driver Keep

After the accident report, one of the most important pieces of evidence following a semi truck accident in the various records contained within the vehicle. In the past, our attorneys have had to sort through records scattered throughout the desert, and underneath tires, and soaked in soiled with post accident debris. However, sorting through these records can provide an invaluable amount of detail that sheds light on necessarily on how the specific semitruck accident occurred, but about the steps that were taken, the rules that were violated, and the failures to take action that occurred well before any impact however could just as importantly be considered a cause.

49 CFR 396.11 – Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

One of the most significant reports that must be prepared and maintained by a semi truck driver is the Vehicle Inspection Report. Such reports are detailed, encompassing, and must be prepared daily. These reports must cover at a minimum: brakes, trailer brake connects, parking brakes, steering mechanisms, lighting devices, tires, horns, windshield wipers, rear view mirrors, coupling devices, wheels, rims, and emergency equipment.

Once these items have been inspected, the report must be prepared. In the event any defect or deficiency is discovered it must be reported.