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They were always so patient and so considerate in helping us get through a situation that isn't very common.

They were totally accessible and extremely professional. They took the time to explain everything and answered every question I asked. They walked us through everything and made a horrible situation as best as it could possibly be. They just seemed extremely competent and knew exactly what to do at every turn.

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The Fine Law Firm is quite experienced in the field of personal injury and related practice areas.

As a personal injury attorney myself, I am impressed with the firm’s history, attention to detail, and results obtained.


I could not say enough kind words to convey how professional and caring during a very difficult time in my life.

Every visit to the office I was made to feel like I was the only client. They explained everything completely. I was introduced to every member of the Fine Law Firm. They went out of their way to resolve my case. If I ever need legal help again I would not hesitate to call The Fine Law Firm.


We had a very favorable outcome with our case and we're very satisfied with the level of representation we received.

Dave did an excellent job. I have a lot of experience dealing with lawyers. In most instances, it’s not particularly pleasant. The biggest difference in dealing with Dave was I didn’t get the typical sense of condescension that I normally get when dealing with attorneys. He was very down to earth and communicated as though it was one business professional to another. I appreciated that.

He spent a good deal of time with me explaining the challenges of the case. He was very realistic about our chances and where we stood. It seemed as though he took a personal interest in our case and us as individuals. That made a huge difference. He went above and beyond.


Very professional and friendly atmosphere.

Great Law Firm. I was treated like family by Mark Fine. Issues, concerns, and questions about my case were answered in a timely manner. I would strongly recommend the Fine Law Firm.


Highly recommend.

David was very easy to talk with and was very prompt in responding to any questions or concerns I had. His assistant and his secretary were also very friendly and helpful.


I consulted David Fine because I was getting nowhere with my auto insurance company even though the accident wasn't my fault.

David first made sure I was getting medical treatment and wanted that resolved first. Then he pursued a settlement with the insurer. He obtained an amount considerably above the minimum offered by the insurer which I was not expecting. And this was without litigation which I did not want. Throughout the process, David and his staff worked seamlessly and efficiently, leaving me to take care of my treatment. They’ve obviously done this a few times. It was very low stress. I don’t think it could have gone any better.


David did what I wanted, and he did what I NEEDED.

I had an accident, but the individual responsible had no resources to cover my damages, so we had to pursue a claim with the insurance company. David was the only one who explained that to me.

I interviewed two other lawyers before calling David, who was recommended by another patient in the rehab facility I was at. The 1st would not look me in the eyes for whatever reason (I do not trust anyone who won’t look at me when speaking) and the 2nd one was practically begging me to hire him. Neither one explained in plain English what my options would be. David, on the other hand, looked me in the eye and was straightforward and gave great advice. He also kept me in the loop at all times. If I had questions I could always call and ask. He explained everything he was going to do and what I needed to do. He was personable, very nice, and very good at explaining how things would move forward with the case. I thought ‘this is the guy’ so I hired him.


They started out as my lawyers and ended up as family, going above and beyond and being available every time I called them.

They were outstanding. I appreciate the overall comfort level they provided. From day one they came to my hospital room. They made it bearable when there were times I wanted to give up. They always gave me that positivity level to keep going. They treated me like a human being and not just a case number. They really care about their clients.

I was in a near-fatal car accident. I had surgery and was in a nursing home when I called them for my case. I was in need of an accident attorney. They are excellent at what they do, compassionate, and top notch in their knowledge – far exceeding any lawyer that I’ve heard of or dealt with. It was pleasant to work with the firm. They know what they’re doing.

I will refer any and all my family and friends if ever in need of lawyers who care about the person.


I've already recommended them. Patty, the paralegal that I worked with, was nothing short of stellar.

She was just amazing and she helped in different realms even outside of my case. Overall it was a good experience. It was one I really wish I never had to go through, because I was literally bedridden, but that’s just the unfortunate circumstance of being in an accident. It was hard to gauge how hard to push because we got all the policy limits that we could and didn’t know if we should proceed to the next phase and get a little more aggressive with the insurance company. It was difficult to judge whether we use good money to potentially chase bad money, or do we just cut our losses and run and take what we have? That was the hard part to decide and it still weighs heavily on me. From that standpoint, however, nobody has a crystal ball.

I chose Fine Law Firm because I had a business relationship in the past with a lady whose husband happened to be a trial lawyer with many years of experience. I asked him if he could recommend a good accident attorney. He said he wouldn’t go with anybody other than the Fine Law Firm. I called David and he actually came to the hospital and met with me. I also called a couple other lawyers just to get an idea of what I was dealing with. Ultimately it was David’s willingness to listen and his professionalism that won me over.

Because I referred someone to the firm who signed on with them, David gave me a little bit of my fee back. That actually stuck out in my mind. You hear a lot of negative things about lawyers, but I saw this as something positive. I thought it was a nice touch.


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My experience working with the firm was probably as pleasant as a legal experience can be.

They handled things with care and were sensitive to the nature of the incident. We were involved in a dog attack where two dogs attacked my son and I got in between them. We were both hospitalized for several weeks and my son almost passed away. We have health insurance, but when you have such extreme trauma the insurance company doesn’t cover everything. We had medical bills and a big financial burden.


They're very professional, prompt, thorough, and honest.

They have been fabulous. My case was a malpractice lawsuit. My fiancé, at the time, had passed due to a drug overdose. I did some research and they were the most qualified for what I needed. I researched them online and also talked to other lawyers who recommended the Fine Law Firm for my situation. The litigation I went through lasted about five years and they were great. It was a good experience under the circumstances.


I felt like they were very professional with us in what was an emotional, difficult case.

They didn’t really waste our time. When they contacted us, it was for something important and pertinent to our case or to share new information, which I appreciated. It wasn’t a receptionist or assistant — it was always Joe directly. We always dealt with him, not someone else who wasn’t as familiar with our case. This was a hard case for us, and Joe was very sensitive to that.

Joe was recommended to us by a retired assistant district attorney. Joe’s name was one he highly recommended, having dealt with Joe in the courtroom. He told us that Joe is very honest and a person of good integrity. That was something that we really wanted for the attorney representing us.


Joe Fine and his team are excellent lawyers.

They were kind, helpful, and honest throughout the experience.