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Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

When it comes to truck accident law firms, there are three main types. Knowing about each type will help you decide how to hire your attorney.

Three Truck Accident Attorney Types

  • The Non-Truck Accident Attorney: These are those who know little about truck accident law and can potentially do more harm than good. These are the law firms that handle all types of cases from criminal to divorce and makes the mistake of assuming that a truck accident case is just like any old car accident, just bigger. Although perhaps perfectly well-intentioned, these attorneys may unknowingly harm the cases they are pursuing.
  • The Aggressor: These are knowledgeable truck accident attorneys and are known as aggressive sharks ready to attack the insurance company. These are the lawyers who will tell you how tough they are. They will show you boxing gloves and ferocious animals with long teeth and sharp claws. They will suggest to you that in the courtroom they resemble rabid beasts, growling at the insurance company and ready to rip the head off of the negligent driver. Although perhaps well-intentioned, these attorneys believe it is better to turn everything into a fight and focus more on bothering the other side instead of serving the client’s best interests.
  • The Advocate: These are the lawyer with the necessary specialized knowledge who are respected as fair and honest in the legal community while also tireless and enduring advocates for their clients. These are the law firms who get called by other lawyers when they need help. These are law firms that realize although there may be times that require passionate and vigorous attack against the other side, also understand that more often than not they can help their clients more with working relationships based on trust and integrity with other attorneys and insurance companies.

This is where the truck accident lawyers at the Fine Law Firm fit in. We cannot guarantee to our clients that we will win their case, and we will not put on a show of fake bravado and spectacular promises, but we can guarantee our clients that their case will be handled by a competent and skilled team of attorneys. Our client’s truck accident cases may require significant amount of time and patience, but they will always be pursued with the objective of doing what is best for the client.

Truck accident cases are intricate and technical paths that require specific knowledge, significant resources, and seasoned analysis. We believe that our client’s interests are best served when they are informed and aware of the legal process, we make sure that no significant decisions are made without first dedicating however long it may be necessary to fully educate and advise the client so that the progress of a case is based on a team approach rather than an unreachable lawyer.

A final consideration when hiring a truck accident lawyer is to make sure that the attorney has the resources necessary to protect necessary evidence while pursuing cutting-edge representation. The reality is that economics play a role in truck accident cases and often times there will be instances in which significant and sometimes exorbitant financial resources. When a truck accident lawyers at the fine firm begin handling a case, they do so with the understanding that they may be spending tens of thousands of dollars in resources and will not waiver or turn away at what is best for the case even if it may be costly.