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The attorneys at the Fine Law Firm have been representing the victims of truck accidents for 40 years.

Our reputation within the community and courtroom has helped to generate tremendous results for our clients. Although the physical and emotional scars caused by semi truck accidents may never fully heal and rarely can a dollar amount make it “worth it”, but our clients often come to us fearing for their physical and economic futures. Through adequate knowledge and attention, we strive ourselves on working to satisfy our clients’ needs.

We are often asked by our future clients a simple question, “Why should I hire the Fine Law Firm?” The question is great one. In a time when people are asking this question, they are often faced with serious and urgent needs, there has been some sort of injury or death and the victims need help and want answers. Hiring a lawyer can make shopping for a tv child’s play.

However, by asking these questions, an injury victim can help narrow the choices:

Have You Handled Semi Truck Accident Cases Before?

A semi-truck lawyer must have the knowledge and experience to quickly and clearly answer the following questions: Based on the facts of the accident, which area is the most advantageous to file suit in? Will the state or federal rules apply to the case? Has the DOT done a full investigation and if not what must be done quickly? What evidence, if any, must be preserved? What federal regulation apply to the facts of the case?

The truck accident lawyers at New Mexico’s Fine Law Law firm have handled cases against numerous semi trucking companies from many different states. Our experience handling semi truck accident cases throughout the region helps us know the answers to the many issues that can come up in truck accident litigation.

What is Your Reputation in the Community?

If you make your decision from what all the ads on tv tell you, you may want a lawyer who growls like a bear, wears boxing gloves to Court, and has teeth like a shark. That is not us. Instead, we believe that an effective truck accident litigator is someone who is respected by lawyers, valued by the judges, and praised by our clients. These are the values we strive for.

Are You Aware of the Latest Truck Technology?

Ask most people what a black box is and they will tell you that either it is a box that jewelry come in, or something to do with airplanes. Ask a truck accident lawyer and they will tell you about the complex data system used by most commercial vehicles that store highly detailed pieces of information. They will also tell you that as helpful as these devises can be, they are also highly fragile and when mishandled by the most well-intentioned mechanic or investigator, the data inside be destroyed.

Our truck accident law firm knows which engineers to call when it comes to handling the technological nuances of successful representation.

Do You Know Enough About What Will be Needed in my Case?

This is one of the most important questions. Just as we all want our doctors to really listen to us before telling us whats best, the same is true for lawyers. We know that each client comes into the legal process differently. Some are angry and seeking justice, while others are unsure and sometimes timid about the process. Each client may have difference needs and a good lawyer must discover and adapt to each client’s needs rather than visa-versa.

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We believe that personal injury practice requires strong attention to detail, a close relationship with our clients, and an elevated level of respect amongst in the legal profession.

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