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Truck Driver Killed in Accident Caused by Road Debris and Slowing Traffic

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Earlier this month in New Jersey, the driver of a tanker truck was killed when he was involved in an accident with another vehicle. According to one local news source, the cause of the accident was at least in part due to mattresses that had fallen off another vehicle and onto the highway.

Evidently, as the truck was heading down the highway, the driver failed to notice that traffic had slowed for the mattresses that were in the middle of the highway. By the time the driver did see traffic slowed ahead of him, it was too late. While the truck driver attempted to avoid a collision with a Honda CRV that was in front of him, the truck driver was unable to do so.

After the initial collision, the truck flipped over onto its side and then crashed through a guard rail, eventually bursting into flames. According to emergency responders, the flames burned at high intensity for several hours before they were able to be put out.

The driver of the tanker truck was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency medical staff. The driver of the CRV did sustain some injuries and was hospitalized, but he is expected to recover from his injuries.

Multiple Causes of Truck Accidents
The truck accident discussed above is still under an official investigation, but from the facts presented so far it seems that the cause of the accident was two-fold. First, the fact that there was debris on the roadway contributed to a traffic jam when there would otherwise not have been one. The negligence of the party whom the mattresses belong to may have contributed to this fatal accident.

The second and seemingly more direct cause of the accident was the truck driver’s own negligence in failing to see the traffic jam quickly approaching. Whether it was because he was distracted, tired, following too closely, or traveling too quickly, for whatever reason, the truck driver was not able to avoid a collision with slowing traffic in front of him.

While the tragic truck accident discussed above only resulted in one fatality, it could have been much worse. This accident took place in the mid-morning hours on a weekday, after rush hour. Had the accident taken place at a time when roads were busier, it is almost certain that there would have at least been several more parties injured.

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