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Tractor Trailer Hits and Kills Two People on the Side of I-10

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As the result of a tragic semi-truck accident in southern New Mexico last month, two people waiting outside their pick-up truck that was parked on the side of I-10 are dead. According to a story by, a tractor trailer was traveling east on I-10 when it veered onto the shoulder and hit the two people standing next to a truck.

Both of the people who were hit by the tractor trailer died on impact. The driver of the tractor trailer was taken to the hospital complaining of chest pains.

Small Errors Can Come with Big Costs

The accident above could likely be another chapter in the saga of distracted driving. Most of us have probably at one time or another glanced away and then realized that we were veering into the other lane. However, this kind of distracted driving is negligent and may expose a driver to liability in favor of the accident victims or the accident victims’ families.

Cell Phones: The Most Common Culprit

Of all the things that can distract a driver from paying attention to the road ahead of him, cell phones are some of the most common. It seems like nearly everyone today uses a cell phone, and unfortunately, all too many of them use the phones while driving.

Whether it be talking on the phone or texting while driving, either activity can remove a driver’s attention from the road, where it should be. Unlike in many other states, texting while driving is not illegal in New Mexico unless you have a learner’s permit or a provisional license. However, if you do have a learner’s permit or a provisional license you are not allowed to talk or text while driving. It is also against the law to text or talk on the phone while driving a state vehicle.

Just because texting while driving is not generally illegal in New Mexico does not mean that it is not negligent to do so. All across the country, states are enacting “texting while driving” bans that ticket drivers caught texting while behind the wheel. The research supports those states that make texting while driving illegal, showing that drivers are much more likely to get into an accident if they text while driving.

What To Do If You Have Been the Victim of a New Mexico Truck Accident

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a New Mexico truck accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages based on the other driver’s negligence. Monetary awards generally allow for individual recovery amounts for past medical bills and future medical expenses, as well as for any pain and suffering caused by the accident. To find out more about the laws in New Mexico that allow for victims to recover from negligent drivers, contact the Fine Law Firm. The skilled and dedicated New Mexico personal injury lawyers at the Fine Law Firm are ready to meet with you to discuss your case at your convenience. Click here, or call 505-243-4541 to schedule a free initial consultation today.

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