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Three New Mexico Residents Killed after Semi-Trailer Crosses into Oncoming Traffic

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A woman and her two children from Nageezi, New Mexico were killed on U.S. 550 near Bloomfield last Thursday when their car collided with the trailer of a semi-truck that was traveling in the oncoming lane. According to an article from, the fatal collision was the result of the trailer crossing into the oncoming lane after the semi-truck driver braked hard to avoid another crash. A 58-year-old woman and her 30-year-old son were killed immediately in the accident, and the woman’s 28-year-old daughter died at the hospital following the crash.

A police investigation has revealed that the first accident was caused when one semi-truck pulled onto the road and was hit by another vehicle, blocking the road. The truck involved in the fatal crash braked to avoid a collision, and its trailer drifted into the oncoming lane and was hit by the car containing the family. The driver of the semi-truck involved in the first accident fled the scene and is currently sought by police.

Liability in New Mexico Accidents
Responsibility and legal liability for an accident like this can be hard to discern. Whoever is responsible for the initial crash that caused the semi-truck driver to slow down may be partially responsible for the second crash. At the same time, there’s a question of whether a properly maintained semi-truck and trailer being driven by a qualified driver would drift into the other lane and cause an accident like this. The trailer’s brakes may not have been functioning properly, or the driver could have been negligent and should be held responsible for the damages caused in the crash. For a victim, it is often difficult to know exactly who can be held responsible for the damages caused in an accident.

In a New Mexico semi-truck accident lawsuit, it is possible to file an action to seek compensation from multiple parties that may be responsible for the accident. If one or more of the parties is found at fault, the judge or jury can divide up liability based on the degree of each party’s fault. If only one defendant is sued initially, he or she may reduce or eliminate liability by arguing that another party is entirely or somewhat responsible for the damages incurred. In a situation where both defendants may have been negligent, it can be complicated to prove that each defendant was the cause of the accident and should be held liable. It is important for a victim of a semi-truck accident to consult with competent legal counsel as soon as possible after an accident.

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