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Texas Man Killed Near Hobbs After Brake Drum Falls off Passing Semi-Truck and Hits His Vehicle

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An unfortunate man from Denver City, Texas was killed earlier this month after a brake drum fell off an oncoming semi-truck and crashed through the windshield of the pickup truck that he was driving. According to an article from, the man was traveling on State Road 8 between Eunice and Hobbs in Lea County. The driver of the white semi-truck that the drum fell from did not stop after the accident and is being sought by the police for questioning. It is not known why the brake drum was able to fall from the truck.

Determining Blame in the Accident
Although it can difficult to directly assign blame for a New Mexico semi-truck accident, it is nearly certain that the victim driving in the pickup truck in this case was not to blame. Since the semi-truck driver did not stop to assist the man or explain what happened to police, it may be difficult for the victim’s family to hold the responsible parties accountable for the accident. If the driver of the truck is not found, the victim’s relatives may still be able to receive compensation for their expenses and loss resulting from the accident, but it depends on the type of auto insurance that the man had.

New Mexico Accidents and Auto Insurance
In New Mexico, it is mandatory for drivers in most circumstances to have valid auto insurance on any vehicles that they are driving on public roads. New Mexico auto insurance laws require drivers to have coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused to others in an accident in which the insured is at fault. The law in New Mexico does not require drivers to have insurance that covers expenses from their own injury or death in an at-fault accident, nor does it require drivers to purchase coverage protecting them from uninsured drivers or hit-and run accidents.

If the victim in this accident had only the minimum required coverage on his vehicle, and if the driver of the semi-truck is never found, there is a high likelihood that the victim’s family will be unable to receive any compensation for this accident that killed their loved one by no fault of his own.

To protect themselves and their families from the consequences of a New Mexico truck accident, drivers should have more insurance coverage than just the mandatory minimum. New Mexico drivers should purchase personal injury protection (PIP) coverage for themselves and any passengers in any accident, regardless of fault. It is also important for drivers to have uninsured and underinsured motorist protection, and to confirm with their insurance companies that the coverage extends to hit-and run accidents.

Even when a driver has adequate auto insurance coverage, insurance companies often offer accident victims unfairly low amounts in response to insurance claims, and they sometimes even deny coverage to deserving accident victims in an effort to save money. It’s important for accident victims to seek independent legal advice before accepting any amount offered by an insurance company to settle a claim.

Have You Been Involved in a New Mexico Accident?

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