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Texas Man Killed in Semi-Truck Accident Near Jal

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A semi-truck driver died in a Texas hospital last month after being involved in an accident near Jal, New Mexico that left the truck he was driving rolled over on its side. According to one local news report, the man was driving his semi-truck on Orrla Road when he lost control of his vehicle and rolled the truck on its side while trying to regain control.

After the crash, the man was taken to a hospital in Kermit, Texas, where he died from his injuries. According to the report, the man was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash, and alcohol was not believed to be a factor in the cause of the accident.

The Causes of Deadly Truck Accidents
New Mexico semi-truck accidents have various causes. Impaired drivers or dangerous road and weather conditions contribute to some accidents, while other accidents are the result of equipment failure or driver error. The exact cause of the fatal accident last month is not known, although authorities have ruled out alcohol, and the weather appears to have been clear at the time of the crash.

Deadly semi-truck accidents are often caused when a truck driver falls asleep at the wheel and loses control of his or her vehicle. Although it is not known if that is what happened in last month’s crash, when drowsy truck drivers do cause New Mexico semi-truck crashes, innocent victims can be injured or killed, and the victims and their families can be faced with unimaginable hardship.

What Causes Truck Drivers to Fall Asleep Behind the Wheel
Sleeping-related accidents are more common among semi-truck drivers than in the general population for various reasons. Many truck drivers are paid based on the distance that they travel and are under intense pressure to log the most miles in the shortest amount of time. The desire to drive for as many hours as possible each day can lead to a dangerous lack of sleep. Although there are regulations that require drivers to take rest periods and get an adequate amount of sleep, some drivers will find ways around the regulations in order to work as many hours as possible. This dangerous practice makes some drivers extra money, but it increases the overall danger that semi-trucks present.

Victims Should be Compensated for Semi-Truck Accident Damages
Last month’s accident was tragic, but the community is fortunate that the truck driver was the only person who was hurt in the crash. An out-of-control semi-truck is dangerous, and innocent bystanders or other drivers could have been hurt if the truck had taken a different course. Semi-truck accidents are especially destructive, and accident victims and their families usually face tremendous expenses and losses related to an accident.

In the aftermath of a crash, it can be overwhelming for a victim to think about who can be held responsible for their injuries, but with the help of a skilled attorney they can file a New Mexico personal injury lawsuit and seek damages to help compensate them for their loss. Accident victims can receive damages or a settlement for help in paying medical expenses, funeral expenses, long term care expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and other expenses.

Should You Contact a Lawyer?

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