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Special Requirements for School Bus Drivers in New Mexico Designed to Decrease Accidents

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Operating a large vehicle involves a significant amount of training and expertise. Large trucks and buses have the ability to cause serious damage if the vehicle is involved in an accident. In fact, there are many situations each year in which a truck or bus accident claims the lives of several people all at once. The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) is aware of the great responsibility it is to undertake a career driving a large motor vehicle and has created certain rules and regulations that govern these occupations.

In New Mexico, generally, in order to receive a driver’s license, individuals need to pass a written exam, pass a driving test, and then pay a fee. However, if someone is planning on driving a large vehicle or one that will be carrying passengers or cargo, the driver must apply for a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Specifically, school bus drivers have a very unique set of rules and requirements that pertain to them. These individuals must become specially certified and trained as a school bus driver, which includes:

  • Passing a criminal background check;
  • Maintaining a clean driving record;
  • Passing an additional written exam that focuses on school buses specifically; and
  • Passing a driving test while operating a school bus.

The reason that school bus drivers have to pass these very strict requirements is because of the seriousness of their job in transporting our children to and from school. When school bus drivers do not engage in adequate and consistent training, the results can be disastrous.

School Bus Driver Charged After Accident Kills Six Young Children

According to a national news report, a school bus was involved in a terrible auto accident that took the lives of six children and injured many others. Apparently, the school bus was carrying around 35 students from a school that covered kindergarten to fifth grade. The bus slammed into a tree, turned over onto its side, and ended up splitting in two. State Officials immediately began investigating the accident and believe that speed was likely a factor in the accident.

Witnesses stated that the crash was so fierce that power went out at nearby homes. Similar to airplanes, school buses have a sort of “informational box,” otherwise known as a “black box,” which can lead to some clues as to why the accident occurred. At this time, the school bus driver has been charged and is cooperating with the investigators.

Have You Been Injured in an Accident with a Bus or Truck in New Mexico?

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