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Semi-Truck Crash near Albuquerque Ruptures Tanker, Closes Interstate 40

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Late last month, a terrifying accident occurred just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico when a tractor trailer carrying a tank of water was rear-ended by another semi-truck and spilled its contents on the road, causing the second truck to overturn and leading to a complete closure of the westbound lanes of I-40 for several hours. Luckily, no other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Apparently, the water truck was traveling westbound on the highway when the second truck collided with it from behind. The semi-truck crash caused the tank on the water truck to rupture and spilled the entire contents on the interstate. Additionally, the impact disconnected the driver’s compartment of the second truck from the trailer and caused the cabin to turn on its side. The driver of the overturned truck was able to escape from the cab of his vehicle and hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

The crash, while certainly frightening for those involved and inconvenient to other commuters, was relatively harmless considering the possible outcomes. Semi-trucks often tow pressurized tanks of flammable or hazardous chemicals, and when they are involved in a collision, those chemicals can be spilled onto the road or into the atmosphere and cause devastating consequences. When a driver is involved in or confronted by an accident caused by a semi-truck, it is often difficult for them to avoid becoming part of the accident. In an accident like last month’s, where only water was spilled onto the roadway, the consequences are minor. When more dangerous chemicals are spilled as the result of an accident, innocent bystanders exposed to the chemicals can be seriously injured or even killed.

New Mexico semi-truck accidents are relatively common, and the trucking companies carry liability insurance to cover the risk of damages from such accidents. If a truck is carrying a tank of dangerous chemicals or another type of hazardous load, the companies will often have additional coverage in case of a devastating accident. Although insurance companies are often willing to cover medical expenses and pay other costs to the victims of accidents with semi-trucks, contacting a New Mexico personal injury attorney who specializes in semi-truck accidents can help ensure that accident victims receive the compensation they truly deserve. The health effects related to exposure to hazardous chemicals often take months or years to become noticeable, although they can be life-threatening. Because of this, trucking and insurance companies will often try and settle injury claims as quickly as possible to prevent additional damages from surfacing.

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