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Semi-Truck Carrying Hazardous Materials Explodes on New Mexico Highway, Forces Community to Evacuate

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A semi-truck that was carrying hazardous and flammable materials exploded last month on U.S. Highway 491 in northwestern New Mexico, forcing the evacuation of approximately 300 people from the town of Naschitti, a Navajo Nation reservation community.

According to an article from Albuquerque news source KRQE, the truck was believed to be carrying propane and adhesive products on August 7, and it exploded after possibly being involved in a crash at about 6:30 a.m. At the time of publication, the exact cause of the accident was still under investigation. No injuries were reported from the frightening explosion and resulting fire, although the highway remained closed for the day and residents were not allowed to return until authorities declared the area was safe.

The Danger of Trucks Transporting Hazardous Material
Semi-trucks present many dangers to drivers because of their size, as well as the number of them on New Mexico roads. In addition to these dangers, this story demonstrates that the cargo being carried by semi-trucks can present additional dangers to drivers and others who are unfortunate enough to find themselves near the scene of a crash.

Residents and drivers were threatened not only by the fire and explosion, but also the toxic smoke and gases that were released by the crash. Authorities warned residents to avoid the fumes, which could cause eye, skin, and throat problems to those exposed to the smoke and gases.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Injuries Caused by a Truck Explosion?

All of the people who were involved in or close to the accident are lucky that no injuries were reported as a result of the explosion. If a New Mexico truck accident like this had occurred at a different time or on a busier road and caused an explosion, innocent people could easily be injured or killed by the immediate accident and fire, or a separate crash that could result. While it is sometimes unknown if a truck driver involved in an accident made a mistake that caused a crash, when a truck is carrying hazardous material on a public road and explodes causing injury, the law presumes that the driver and company are liable for the damages unless an intervening cause contributed to the accident.

Victims of such an accident may be able to obtain relief by filing a New Mexico personal injury lawsuit, although getting the compensation that a victim deserves is often more difficult than it should be. Trucking companies and their insurance providers know the liability that they can be subject to, and they have attorneys on retainer to help them avoid liability from the moment the accident occurs.

Do You Need an Attorney?

Because of the experienced legal teams that represent trucking and insurance companies, accident victims can be at a disadvantage from the moment a crash occurs. The skilled New Mexico semi-truck accident attorneys at The Fine Law Firm want to help you even the playing field and get the compensation that you deserve. We have tried many types of New Mexico personal injury cases and offer our clients the dedication and personal service that they deserve. Contact us online or call (585)889-3463 to schedule a free consultation, and see if we can help you get what you deserve.

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