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San Juan County Truck Crash Kills at Least Three People

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Two crashes in New Mexico resulted in the death of three people early last week . According to a local news report, the accident occurred around N.M. Highway 371 and County Road 6001 on November 11 at approximately 5 p.m. Apparently, a semi-truck and a car collided, and unfortunately two individuals were killed at the scene of the accident, and one was taken to a local hospital. This location was the scene of an earlier crash and the second accident that resulted in fatalities. The road is curved and has been the location of many fatal crashes through the years. Another crash occurred later that same evening around N.M. Highway 574. The Sheriff’s office reported that at least one person died as a result of this accident.

Trucking Collisions, Negligence, and Culpable Parties in New Mexico
All accidents have the possibility of resulting in serious bodily harm or death. However, the likelihood of a fatality is greatly increased when a truck is involved. When an individual or family member has been injured or killed as a result of a trucking accident, they may be able to sue under the theory of negligence.

In order to establish negligence in a civil suit, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant had a duty to exercise a reasonable standard of care, that it breached that duty, and that breach was the cause of the accident and the resulting injuries and damages.

One obvious party in negligence suits is the driver of the truck. To bring a claim against the driver, the plaintiff needs to establish that the driver was negligent. Some examples of negligence by the driver include if he or she was under the influence of an intoxicating substance, fatigued, distracted, or failed to maintain the truck in proper working order.

However, many times the employer of the truck driver can be a culpable party as well. The plaintiff may try to establish that the employer did not partake in proper screening and training of the driver, and that the lack of training was the cause of an accident.

Furthermore, a plaintiff may try to sue the municipality that governs the road. In these situations, the plaintiff may be able to bring a negligence claim if he or she can establish that the road was unreasonably dangerous and the municipality failed to take measures to ensure the safety of the road.

Have You Been Involved in an Accident with a Truck?

As you can see, trucking accidents can involve many parties and take a significant amount of research, preparation, and investigation. These cases can be extremely time-consuming and complex. It is important you contact an attorney to assist you in your case to increase your chances that. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries and damages. Contact one of our experienced and dedicated New Mexico trucking accident attorneys today at 505-243-4541 or 800-640-6590 if you are in the Albuquerque area and 505-243-4541 or 800-640-6590 if you are the Rio Rancho area to set up a free initial consultation.

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