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Passenger Killed after Pickup Truck is Rear-Ended by Bus and Bursts into Flames

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Last Wednesday, a multiple-vehicle collision left the passenger of a pickup truck dead after the truck was rear-ended by a South Texas College bus and burst into flames. According to an article by The Monitor, the vehicles were traveling eastbound along Expressway 83 in Donna, Texas, when the pickup truck slowed down in anticipation of an upcoming wreck.

The South Texas College bus failed to slow down, crashing into the pickup and causing it to burst into flames. Bystanders helped the driver of the pickup escape shortly after the wreck, but the passenger remained trapped inside and did not survive. An eyewitness said that he noticed the pickup slowing down, but the bus “just kept going, like it didn’t have brakes.” After hitting the pickup truck, the bus crashed into a business, damaging a sign and some outdoor merchandise. According to the article, the driver of the bus suffered minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital, where a blood sample was collected.

The Dangers of Buses and Trucks in Traffic
The bus involved in this accident was used to shuttle students between two campuses of South Texas College, and it travels along high-traffic routes, as do many other buses and large vehicles. When buses and semi-trucks travel on city streets and in congested areas, they present a unique danger to drivers and pedestrians who are at risk from accidents involving the larger vehicles.

Based on the witness statements in the article, it appears that the brakes on the bus were either not functioning properly or that the driver was distracted and failed to apply them in time.

Even if the brakes were functioning properly, and the driver applied them as soon as he could, large vehicles like transit buses cannot stop as quickly as other vehicles, and the crash may have been unavoidable under the circumstances. In whatever way the accident occurred, the large size and weight of the bus likely contributed to the pickup truck bursting into flames and the ultimate death of the passenger inside.

How to Deal with the Loss and Expense of an Accident
When a family member is seriously injured or killed in a traffic accident, their loved ones quickly realize how expensive a tragedy can truly be. Victims are saddled with medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages, and other costs. Worse than the financial burden, the loss of a loved one can have a tremendous affect on the well-being of an entire family. When faced with all of the grief, costs, and expenses associated with an accident, the victims of an accident often realize that the amounts offered by insurance companies to compensate them for an accident are not even close to enough to cover all of the expenses they will face. Often, victims must hire an attorney and file a New Mexico accident lawsuit to get serious consideration from an insurance company.

Have You Been in an Accident?

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an accident with a bus or other large vehicle, we advise that you consult with a New Mexico personal injury attorney about your case as soon as you can. At the Fine Law Firm, we have experience trying cases involving semi-trucks and other large vehicles, and we know how to hold the right parties responsible for your accident. We will do anything we can to get you the compensation that you deserve. The Fine Law Firm represents clients in all New Mexico personal injury and wrongful death cases, including semi-truck accidents. Call (585) 889-3463 to schedule a free consultation or access us online today.

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