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One Man Killed by Rear Ending Illegally Parked Semi-Truck Last Month

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A fatal accident occurred earlier this month in our neighboring state of Oklahoma. According to an article from CBS affiliate KXII News 12, a man driving a semi-truck crashed into another semi-truck which was illegally parked along the side of the road in Garvin County on July 3. It is not known why the driver of the parked truck, a 58 year old from Eufaula, Oklahoma, was parked on the shoulder of the interstate. But as the driver of the second truck approached, he was unable to avoid a serious collision and was killed. The driver of the first truck was not injured from the collision. Police are still investigating the accident further.

The Inherent Dangers of Semi-Trucks on the Interstate Highways.

Many goods and products are transported by semi-trucks on the interstate highways, which cross through New Mexico in several directions. The sheer amount of semi-truck traffic presents a danger to other drivers on the highways, and the long distances that semi-trucks often travel exacerbate truck maintenance or driver fatigue issues that may occur on the road. It appears that the first truck driver stopped on the side of the shoulder on the interstate away from an exit, which is against the law, and caused or contributed to this month’s accident. He could have been resting or potentially his truck had broken down, but whatever the cause of the accident, the end result was tragic.

Investigations and Fault in Semi-Truck Accidents
In a serious accident like this one, especially if someone is injured or killed, the police will perform an investigation to determine if criminal charges should be filed. Often times, one party will not be issued a citation or found at fault whatsoever by the police when they may actually be liable for the damages resulting from an accident. In a New Mexico semi-truck accident, especially one that leads to an injury or death, it is important for a driver or someone on their behalf to perform an independent investigation into the cause of an accident. If involved in an accident, a driver should take pictures of the damage to all vehicles involved, and any tire marks or other damage if possible. Contacting a competent accident attorney is also an important step in completing an investigation of an accident and determining if a person in an accident may be entitled to damages.

Do You Need to Talk to an Attorney?

If you have been injured, or someone you love has been killed in a semi-truck crash, consulting with a skilled New Mexico semi-truck accident attorney can help you to get the full compensation that you deserve. Often insurance settlements do not even offer enough money to cover all of the expenses related to an accident, and won’t give any consideration to pain and suffering, lost work, or disability. The attorneys at the Fine Law Firm have experience trying accident cases, including those involving semi-trucks, and we welcome you to schedule a consultation and talk about your case for free. We represent clients in all types of Georgia injury lawsuits, including accidents, medical malpractice, and products liability cases. Contact us through our website or call us at (585)-889-3463 today to schedule a no obligation consultation.

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