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New Mexico Woman Killed in Collision with a Semi-Truck Making a Wide Turn

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A terrible crash last week near Carlsbad, New Mexico killed a woman and injured her three children when a semi-truck made a wide turn directly in front of her vehicle, causing a collision.

The Accident
Early in the morning on April 14, a woman was driving with her three children, travelling southbound on the Loving Highway (US 285) in the right lane. According to a report by the Carlsbad Current-Argus, the driver of a semi-truck was in front of the woman’s vehicle in the left lane and attempted to make a right hand turn across both lanes of traffic, directing the truck directly in the woman’s path. The woman was unable to stop or avoid the collision, and slammed into the semi. The woman died at the scene, and all three of the children in the car were hospitalized with injuries from the crash.

Semi-Trucks Need to Make Wide Turns
As a vehicle gets longer, it becomes more difficult to make tight turns. As a result of this, semi-truck drivers frequently make wide turns, forcing them to impede multiple lanes of traffic as they perform the maneuver. Even if making a wide turn is unavoidable, it is the responsibility of a truck driver to ensure that the turn will not put them in the path of another vehicle. In last week’s accident, it appears that the driver of the truck did not notice the woman driving behind her and tried to make the turn, with tragic results.

Who is Responsible for An Accident like This?

Although the truck driver has a duty to ensure that a turn will not result in a collision, accident victims are often blamed in one way or another for a New Mexico semi-truck accident. Many semi-trucks and other large vehicles have warning signs on the back that caution other drivers about wide turns. Some truck drivers behave as if a warning sign on the back of their truck shifts the responsibility to avoid a collision to other drivers, and that is not the case. Although the warning signs are helpful – as they keep some drivers out of danger, it is still the truck driver’s responsibility not to turn into, or into the path of another vehicle
The Higher Stakes of Accidents Involving Semi-Trucks
In New Mexico, semi-truck accidents result in many injuries and deaths each year. This may be because there are so many semi-trucks on the road, but there seems to more. Semi-trucks are very difficult to drive, and maneuvering them on New Mexico roads can sometimes be nearly impossible. Last week for example, the length of the semi-truck required the driver to make a wide turn, which ultimately resulted in the collision. Making matters worse, semi-trucks are larger and heavier than just about every other vehicle on the road; therefore semi-truck accidents can be more likely to cause serious injury or death. Because of these factors, semi-trucks usually have additional liability insurance with coverage and limits above that which is required for a normal passenger vehicle. Additionally, since most semi-trucks are operated by a larger company, the company itself can also be responsible for damages resulting from an accident that are not covered by insurance. Although the risk of serious accidents involving semi-trucks is higher, there are usually multiple parties that can be held responsible for damages resulting from an accident.

Have You Been in an Accident with a Semi-Truck?

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident with a semi-truck and was injured or killed, the Fine Law Firm is interested in hearing about your case. Our experienced New Mexico accident attorneys are knowledgeable in crashes involving semi-trucks, and we use our superior knowledge to represent our clients to the highest standard in every case we take. We know how to try semi-truck cases, and have the experience to use the arguments that will get our clients the largest awards and help them recover. The Fine Law Firm represents clients in all types of personal injury cases, including semi-truck related accidents. Give us a call today at (505)889-3463 or access us online.

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