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New Mexico Regulations Governing Intoxicated Truck Drivers

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In every state there are harsh criminal and civil punishments for drunk driving due to the catastrophic consequences drunk driving has on the community. In New Mexico specifically, 33% of all traffic fatalities are a result of drunk driving. A large portion of these accidents are caused by intoxicated truck drivers.

One reason that truck drivers too often get behind the wheel while intoxicated is because of the long hours truck drivers must work. In many situations, despite regulations mandating a certain amount of rest time, truck drivers push their physical limits by trying to stay out on the road as long as possible to travel as far as they can each day. This can lead to the abuse of stimulants or other drugs to help keep a driver awake.

The National Transportation Safety Board has commissioned studies about the prevalence of drug use among truck drivers. Through these studies, it was found that out of all of the truck drivers questioned, about 85% admitted to the easy accessibility of methamphetamines at truck stops. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) explicitly states that truck drivers are not permitted to consume alcohol or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol within four hours of operating a truck. Commercial truck drivers are often subjected to regular and random drug and alcohol testing. Unfortunately, despite these stringent laws, these sorts of accidents continue to occur. Even with vetting and continuing education, truck drivers continue to engage in this dangerous and potentially fatal behavior.

Intoxicated Truck Driver Hauling 38,000 Pounds of Cheese Causes Accident

According to a recent news report, a truck driver hauling 38,000 pounds of cheese hit a wall, took down a power line, and ended up tipping his truck over. Evidently, the accident occurred in the early morning hours on a local highway. Witnesses told police that they heard a booming sound in the middle of the night. When police officials arrived at the scene of the accident, the truck driver admitted to drinking about six beers at a friend’s birthday. However, he said the last beer prior to the accident was about three hours before he began his shift. The truck driver also tried to put responsibility on a pickup truck driver who he claimed cut him off. However, the truck driver failed field sobriety tests.

Have You Been Injured by a New Mexico Drunk Driver?

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a drunk driving accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Drunk drivers are often criminally punished, but injured individuals can also bring a civil claim for negligence against the driver. Successful claims can allow the injured party to recoup damages for the physical and emotional injuries they sustained in the accident. An attorney at the Fine Law Firm can assist you in understanding your rights and remedies in these cases. Contact us today at 505-889-FINE to schedule your free initial consultation.

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