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New Mexico Federal Court Discusses Duty Truckers Owe to Other Drivers in Truck Accident Lawsuit

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A New Mexico federal court has ordered a lawsuit stemming from a collision between two tractor trailers to trial. In Gleason v. Savine, a semi owned by FedEx Freight, Inc. and being operated by Alonzo Gleason struck the back of a big rig owned by Sparkling Snow, Inc. on Interstate 40 in Guadalupe County, New Mexico. Although Victor Savine and Oleh Sichkar were operating the Sparkling Snow truck under a co-driving agreement, it is unclear which man was driving the vehicle at the time of the 18-wheeler crash.

Following the accident, Gleason and FedEx filed a personal injury and property damage lawsuit against Savine, Sichkar, and Sparkling Snow. As part of the complaint, the plaintiffs alleged that Sichkar was liable for the collision based upon a theory of negligence and negligence per se. According to Sichkar, he was not driving the Sparkling Snow truck at the time of the semi-truck wreck. Sichkar also asserted that he committed no statutory violations that would give rise to a negligence per se claim. As a result, he filed a motion for summary judgment on both issues.

First, the New Mexico court stated in order to succeed on a negligence claim, a duty must be owed to a plaintiff, that duty must be breached, and the breach must be the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injury. Additionally, the court said New Mexico law requires that an injury be “a foreseeable result of the negligent act.” Sichkar claims he owed the plaintiffs no duty of care because he was a passenger in the Sparkling Snow tractor-trailer when the collision took place.

In New Mexico, summary judgment is proper only where no genuine issue of material fact exists. Despite that Sichkar offered evidence to demonstrate that he was merely a sleeping passenger in the Sparkling Snow truck, the plaintiffs offered conflicting testimony that he was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. Since the parties disputed the facts surrounding the accident, and a passenger in a vehicle is normally held to a lesser standard of care than a driver, the federal court refused to grant Sichkar summary judgment on the negligence claim. Because the plaintiffs offered no evidence to support their negligence per se claim against Sichar, however, the New Mexico Court granted summary judgment in favor of him on that issue.

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