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New Mexico Chain-Reaction Accident Involving Truck, Bus, and Multiple Cars Claims Three Lives

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A few weeks ago, a New Mexico truck accident resulted in three fatalities and over 20 injuries. According to a local news report covering the tragic accident, the multi-vehicle collision occurred in the early morning hours on Interstate 25, near Bernalillo.Evidently, a car ran into the back of a pick-up truck, starting a chaotic chain of accidents. After the initial collision, the disabled car remained on the highway, blocking several lanes. The driver of that car was ejected. As a result of the damage sustained in the collision, the car’s lights were no longer illuminated. The driver of the truck was able to pull off onto the median, out of the way of traffic.

As the damaged car and injured driver lay stationary on the highway, a passenger bus approached. The bus driver was apparently unable to see the ejected driver or unlit car until a moment before the two vehicles collided. The bus driver swerved in a last-minute attempt to avoid a collision, losing control of the bus and causing it to roll over onto its side. The bus slid across the highway and up against a roadside barrier cable. Moments later, a semi-truck approached the accident scene and was unable to stop in time to avoid a collision with the toppled bus.

In all, three people were killed as a result of the accident, and 24 were injured. Police have begun an investigation into the accident.

Determining Liability in New Mexico Chain-Reaction Accidents

Establishing which parties are liable in a New Mexico chain-reaction accident can be factually difficult and legally complex. For one, finding out exactly what happened in the moments leading up to a chain-reaction accident can be difficult. Often, there are many motorists involved, each potentially with their own share of responsibility.

Making things easier for accident victims, New Mexico law allows for anyone injured in a New Mexico truck accident to file a claim for compensation against the other motorists involved. Even if a motorist is determined to have been somewhat at fault for the collision, they may still be able to recover damages for their injuries. However, their recovery amount will be reduced by their own percentage of fault. Thus, it is important that an accident victim is able to establish that their own role in causing the accident was minor or non-existent.

Have You Been Injured in a New Mexico Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. This may be the case even if you played a minor role in causing the accident. The dedicated New Mexico personal injury attorneys at the Fine Law Firm have extensive experience helping accident victims recover compensation for the injuries they have sustained in all types of car and truck accidents, including complex chain-reaction accidents involving multiple parties and divided fault. To learn more, call 505-889-FINE to schedule a free consultation.

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