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Liability for Multi-Vehicle Trucking Accidents in New Mexico

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Trucking accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence on New Mexico highways. The state is located in a prime position for many truck routes to pass through while on long-haul trips across the United States. Often, truck drivers have been traveling for hours upon end without taking a significant break. This can create situations in which truck drivers are not as alert as they should be.

When large trucks are involved in an accident, domino effects may occur. Unlike sedans or even SUVs, large trucks are difficult to maneuver and are especially difficult to stop quickly. This makes it difficult for truck drivers to avoid accidents that occur ahead of them. Additionally, the reality is that many truck drivers are not as experienced as they should be, which can lead to instances of negligent driving, increasing the risk of an accident. According to the most recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 14% of fatal accidents involved these large trucks.

Victims of truck accidents may seek compensation for the injuries they suffered. However, the domino effect of these accidents often makes it difficult to apportion liability or determine who actually caused the accident. Some accident victims are tempted to rely on an insurance company’s assessment of who is at fault and which parties should be compensated. However, that is rarely the best course of action because insurance companies are looking out for their own best interest and may offer low-ball settlement offers in hopes of making a case “go away” for as little money as possible.

How New Mexico Courts Apportion Liability

New Mexico follows pure comparative negligence when determining liability in multi-vehicle accidents. This means that the amount of compensation a party is entitled to receive is directly related to their own percentage of fault. This may lead to complications, however, since several parties may seek compensation by claiming the other motorists involved were at fault. In these situations, a dedicated attorney can assist an accident victim in investigating the accident, questioning witnesses, and advocating on their behalf.

Family of Five Killed in Multi-Vehicle Tractor-Trailer Accident

According to a recent news report, a family was tragically killed in a fiery accident when their vehicle was hit by a tractor-trailer. In all, two children and three adults were killed in the accident, which involved a total of six vehicles.

Evidently, the initial accident was caused when a southbound tanker truck failed to reduce its speed as it approached a construction zone, ramming into the rear of a pickup truck. The pickup truck was then pushed forward, causing a chain reaction that ultimately involved several other vehicles. Witnesses told police that the flames from the burning fuel caused the other cars to be engulfed in a fiery blast.

Have You Been Involved in a Multi-Vehicle Accident in New Mexico?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a multi-vehicle trucking accident such as the one described above, it is very important that you contact one of the experienced attorneys at the Fine Law Firm. These cases can be very complex, due to the fact that there are often several parties involved, each with their own insurance company. It is important that your rights and remedies are addressed by an advocate dedicated to the pursuit of your interests and your interests alone. The attorneys at the Fine Law Firm can assist you in seeking the compensation that you deserve. Contact an attorney at the Fine Law Firm at 800-640-6590 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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