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Investigations in Automobile and Trucking Accidents

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After an accident, especially one where there have been fatalities or serious injuries, there is often an investigation that takes place. In New Mexico car and truck accidents, the New Mexico State Police will often be the first agency to begin an investigation to determine the cause and potential fault in accidents. These findings can be used in a subsequent New Mexico personal injury lawsuit filed by any of the injury victims. However, even with New Mexico State Police findings, courts will often consider insurance company findings as well.

In many cases, after an accident and before filing a personal injury lawsuit, an injured party and the at-fault party will file a claim with their insurance company. As soon as the claim is filed, a claims adjuster will begin reviewing the claim and investigating the accident. The investigator will likely look over any police reports, conduct investigations and interviews of both parties and any witnesses. They may also visit the accident site and review medical records. In some situations, the insurance adjuster may come to a different conclusion of fault or damages than the police. If the injured party disagrees with the insurance company’s findings, the accident victim may file a personal injury lawsuit.

The National Transportation Safety Board Investigative Process

In addition to a police and insurance company investigation report, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) may also conduct an investigation. This entity was established as an agency that is designed to investigation all major accidents in the United States, including civil aviation accidents. NTSB investigation findings are often reported and addressed in large-scale accidents, however, most people are not aware that NTSB has no regulatory or enforcement powers, and therefore their findings cannot be entered as evidence.

New Mexico Bus Crash Results in Several Fatalities and Injuries

Recently, a national news agency reported on a tragic accident that occurred between a Greyhound bus and a tractor-trailer on a New Mexico Highway. According to an initial news report, a semi-truck was traveling on the highway when the truck’s tire blew out. The blow out resulted in the tractor-trailer veering off the road and slamming into a Greyhound bus that was traveling through the state on their way from St. Louis to Los Angeles.

In addition to the New Mexico State Police, the NTSB has started a preliminary safety investigation to determine the probable cause of the accident. Reports indicate that at least 40 people were transported to local hospitals and it is known that at least seven people have died and dozens more were seriously injured.

Have You Been Involved in a New Mexico Trucking Accident?

If you or a loved one has been involved in a New Mexico trucking accident you should contact the attorneys at the Fine Law Firm to discuss your rights and remedies. Even after investigations from insurance companies and the National Transportation Safety Board, you may need further assistance in order to be fully compensated for your damages. The attorneys at the Fine Law Firm have decades of experiencing handling these sorts of disastrous and complex cases. Contact one of the attorneys for a free initial consultation at 505-889-FINE.

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