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Investigation Continues into Semi-Truck Crash that Killed Four Texas Student Athletes

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A semi-truck smashed through the median on Interstate 35 near Davis, Oklahoma and crashed into a bus carrying 15 players from the North Central Texas College women’s softball team last month. Tragically, four of the players were killed as a result of the night-time collision. According to an article, the initial investigation suggested that there was no sign that brakes were applied or that the driver tried to steer away from the crash before it occurred. It initially appeared that the truck drove straight as the road curved to the right and continued into oncoming traffic.

According to state investigators, the driver told them that he was distracted by something in the cabin, but the article suggests that the investigators were not entirely convinced by the truck driver’s story. As the investigation continues, the data recorder can be retrieved from the truck, and it can be determined if the brakes were applied before the accident. Authorities have also sought a search warrant to search the contents of the truck in response to the truck driver’s explanation.

It appears that the authorities are suspicious that the truck driver may have been asleep or inebriated at the time of the crash, and the details of the driver’s explanation are not yet clear enough to determine if the driver has admitted fault for the accident.

Truck Accidents in New Mexico
Semi-truck drivers have strong reasons to deny that they were sleeping before an accident is caused, since a driver who causes an accident while drowsy or sleeping can be subject to serious criminal and civil liability. To help determine whether a driver is being completely forthcoming with investigators in explaining an accident, authorities and insurance companies make use of technology to see what happened with the truck in the time leading up to an accident.

After an accident occurs, investigators can inspect the truck and see if the brakes were functioning properly, which can debunk a driver’s claim that the brakes failed after he tried to stop. Additionally, investigators can analyze a data recorder that records the status of the brakes, gears, and accelerator, as well as if the steering was engaged to determine what actually happened. Some companies have even installed video cameras on the cabs of their trucks to explain how accidents occur.

However it is discovered, the truth is that many semi-truck drivers tell a story after an accident that turns out to be false. Drivers will lie about what happened to try and keep their freedom and their jobs, but a thorough investigation can often bring the truth out. Government investigators usually do a good job in finding out what happened, but an investigation by a skilled New Mexico truck accident attorney is the only way to find out who may really be responsible for an accident.

Have You Been Involved in a Serious New Mexico Truck Accident?

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