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Investigating Unexplained New Mexico Truck Accidents

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While the causes of some New Mexico truck accidents are clear from the surrounding circumstances, other truck accidents present a more difficult task for the investigators charged with determining what precipitated the collision. Often, accidents with more than two vehicles involved are those in which investigators have their work cut out for them. However, there can be unanswered questions in some two-vehicle collisions when the damage to both vehicles is substantial or when there are significant injuries.

The result of an accident scene investigation can be used by both criminal and civil courts. Initially, the police and prosecutor’s office will review an investigation to determine if criminal charges are appropriate given the circumstances of the accident. However, even if no criminal charges are pursued, the victims of the truck accident may proceed with a civil lawsuit against the truck driver and potentially the truck driver’s employer.

It is important for New Mexico accident victims to understand that the result of a pending criminal case – while potentially helpful – is not necessary to establish civil liability. This is because the burden of proof placed on the prosecution in a criminal matter is the highest anywhere in the law. However, a personal injury plaintiff’s claim for damages must only be proved by a “preponderance of the evidence,” which is to say that it was more likely than not that the defendant’s actions resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries.

Fatal Truck Accident Under Investigation

Earlier this month, a fatal accident between a cement truck and a passenger car claimed the lives of both men inside the passenger car. According to a recent news report, the cement truck suddenly flipped onto its side and landed atop the car.

Evidently, the first responders on the scene were unable to get the two men out of the car because the force of the truck crushed the cabin area of the car. It was not until several hours later when tow trucks were able to pull the 70,000-pound truck off the car that police were able to free the two men inside. Sadly, both had died due to the injuries they sustained in the accident.

There appear to have been no witnesses to the accident, and investigators are currently trying to piece together what happened in the moments leading up to the accident. Investigators recovered the truck’s “black box,” which may provide additional details.

Have You Been Injured in a New Mexico Truck Accident?

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