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Hydroplaning in New Mexico: What is it and How Does it Occur?

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Chances are, most people who have driven in wet road conditions have experienced driving a vehicle that has hydroplaned. Hydroplaning occurs when the vehicle’s tires travel on a thin layer of water rather than on the road’s surface, as would normally be the case in dry conditions. Perhaps the most frightening thing about hydroplaning is that it can occur when there is the slightest amount of moisture on the road, even when a road doesn’t seem to be slippery.

Hydroplaning is extremely dangerous, and is a major cause of New Mexico truck accidents. This is because as a vehicle’s tires lose contact with the road’s surface, the driver is unable to steer the vehicle, and any attempt to quickly slow down can result in the driver losing control of the vehicle.

Experts have studied the science behind hydroplaning vehicles, and have recommended that motorists take the following precautions anytime there is moisture on the road’s surface:

  • Slow down to a speed of less than 25 miles per hour;
  • Keep tires properly inflated, and be sure to rotate tires as directed by the manufacturer;
  • Replace worn tires or those with visible damage;
  • Stay away from puddles of standing water;
  • Do not use cruise control in wet conditions;
  • Avoid braking quickly or making sharp turns; and
  • When possible, drive in the tracks of the cars in front of you.

Recent Truck Accident Caused by Hydroplaning Semi-Truck Trailer

Earlier this month, a semi-truck driver was involved in an accident after the trailer he was pulling hydroplaned. According to a recent news report, the accident occurred in the early morning hours during a heavy rain storm.

Evidently, the empty trailer began to hydroplane, causing the driver to lose control of the rig, which veered off the road and into a road-side barrier. The truck got caught on the barrier, and when emergency crews responded to the scene they found the jack-knifed truck resting atop the barrier in the road’s median.

Police conducted a post-accident investigation, and determined that the trailer had hydroplaned, causing the truck driver to lose control of the rig. It remains to be seen if police will issue the driver of the truck a citation. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the accident.

Have You Been Injured in a New Mexico Truck Accident?

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