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Food Truck’s Propane Tank Explodes, Causing Serious Injuries

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Many people associate propane tank explosions with grills and malfunctioning water heaters at a person’s house. However, with the rise in trendy food trucks, these incidents are also occurring on those vehicles as well.

When a propane tanks explodes, establishing liability can be complicated because there are often many entities that are responsible, at least in part, for the accident. First, if the tank was defective in some manner, the manufacturer may be responsible for the accident. However, even this may not be clear-cut because in some situations, the specific parts of the tank are manufactured by different companies, so another company may actually be responsible.

Furthermore, if someone acted negligently in the care or maintenance of the tank, this person may also be held liable. This could be the owner of the tank or even an employee who was in charge of caring for the tank. Propane tanks are often recycled, and although this may be good for the environment, many times defective tanks are not discarded and are put back into the consumer stream. Next, individuals such as independent sellers or retailers may also be liable if the tank is defective. Finally, the individual or entity that installed the tank or stored the tank may also be responsible for the accident.

Propane Tank on Food Truck Explodes and Causes Injuries

Recently, a food truck exploded due to an issue with the propane tank that was affixed to the truck. According to a recent news report, the accident caused one of the owners and two employees to be hospitalized after suffering serious burns. Other owners in the restaurant and food truck industry became concerned because it was unclear what exactly caused the tank to malfunction and explode.

Some owners explained that they generally take a significant number of safety precautions when it comes to propane tanks. Many propane tanks are connected to a fire suppression system, which is designed to turn off the tank in the case that something happens. Additionally, fire extinguishers are also mandatory for all restaurant and food truck owners.

Have You Been Injured Because of an Accident Related to a Food Truck in New Mexico?

Food trucks are becoming more prevalent, and as a result, these accidents and other similar ones are more likely to occur. If you have been injured in a situation like this one, you should contact an attorney at the Fine Law Firm. As you can see, there are often several liable parties, and determining which parties are legally responsible can be a difficult task. An attorney at the Fine Law Firm can assist you in understanding what your rights are and which remedies are available to you or your loved one. If you are successful, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries you suffered. Contact one of the New Mexico truck accident attorneys at the Fine Law Firm to schedule your free initial consultation. They can be reached at 800-640-6590.

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