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Five Killed in I-16 Semi-Truck Accident, Drowsy Driving Suspected

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Earlier last month near Savannah, Georgia, five people lost their lives when a semi-truck and two cars were all involved in a serious accident on Interstate 16. According to a local news source, the multi-vehicle crash occurred just a few miles west of Savannah, near where Interstates 16 and 95 intersect.

Evidently, witnesses told reporters that they saw a semi-truck “drifting in and out of lanes” and colliding with cars, eventually catching fire. In total, the accident involved seven vehicles. Five of the people involved in the accident were pronounced dead. Three of them were in a vehicle that was struck by the semi-truck, and two were in another vehicle that was crushed between two semi-trucks. Several others were injured as a result of the accident.

Police are still in the midst of an investigation into the cause of the fatal accident. However, at this early juncture police believe that the truck driver may have fallen asleep behind the wheel of the truck. Charges are pending, awaiting the result of the investigation.

Drowsy Driving in New Mexico
The accident discussed above took place in Georgia, but the laws in New Mexico regarding drowsy driving are very similar to those in Georgia. In New Mexico, truck drivers are required to get a certain amount of rest per day and also are only permitted to be on the road for a certain number of days per week.

Compliance with these rest requirements must be documented in what is called a rest log. Truck drivers are required to honestly and diligently maintain these logs and provide them to authorities when requested. Additionally, these rest logs can be the subject of a subpoena in cases alleging that a driver was drowsy or was not otherwise complying with the state or federal truck driver rest requirements.

Liability in Drowsy Driving Cases
Drowsy driving cases are a specific subset of the larger category of negligent driving. In these types of negligence cases, a plaintiff may succeed if they can show that the defendant truck driver had a duty to the plaintiff, that the duty was violated, and that the defendant’s violation of that duty was the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries and damages.

Establishing a duty of care is generally not difficult in New Mexico truck accident cases, since all drivers owe other motorists a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner. The remaining elements of a negligence case are generally where the bulk of the litigation takes place. To learn more, call a dedicated New Mexico truck accident attorney.

Have You Been Injured in a New Mexico Truck Accident?

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