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Filing a DHL Delivery Accident Claim

Posted in Truck Accidents

DHL is one of the world’s largest delivery services. If you get involved in an accident with a DHL delivery vehicle in New Mexico, you need to understand your legal rights in terms of filing a claim for financial compensation. There are general steps you should take to properly navigate the claims process.

Seek Medical Care

Your first priority after a DHL delivery accident is seeking medical care for your injuries. A collision involving a delivery truck can cause serious injuries, such as broken bones, whiplash, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Call 911 at the scene of the DHL delivery truck crash to request paramedics in an emergency. Even if it is not an emergency, you should still see your doctor right away.

Call the Police

Notify the police that a traffic accident has occurred. Call local law enforcement from the scene of the crash by dialing 911. When they arrive, give them your side of the story. Do not admit fault for the DHL delivery accident. Write down your police report number so that you can obtain a copy of this document for insurance purposes later.

Document the Crash

While you are still at the scene of the commercial truck accident, document as much information and evidence as possible. Exchange contact numbers and insurance company information with the DHL delivery driver. Write down the name of the delivery driver and the truck’s license plate numbers. If there are any eyewitnesses, write down their information, as well.


Take photographs of the accident before you leave, being sure to capture images of the damage to your motor vehicle and the DHL delivery vehicle. Make note of any traffic cameras or security cameras in the area so that you or a law enforcement officer can try to gather footage. Document details about the delivery vehicle, such as taking a photo of the DHL Express logo and vehicle registration number.

File an Insurance Claim

Call your own car insurance company to report the wreck early on – typically, insurers require prompt reporting “as soon as possible.” Notify DHL of the accident by contacting the company’s customer service department. As an international shipping supplier, DHL can make it difficult to initiate a legal dispute for accidents caused by its delivery drivers. DHL is based in Germany and typically hires independent contractors in the United States. You may need assistance from an experienced delivery truck accident attorney to hold DHL responsible for a traffic accident.

Contact a Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer in New Mexico

Hiring an attorney from the beginning of your accident case can help prevent DHL, its insurance company and their legal representatives from taking advantage of you. A lawyer can determine the cause of your crash and hold all responsible parties accountable. An attorney can help you avoid common mistakes during an insurance claim, such as:

  • Trusting the insurance claims adjuster to protect your interests.
  • Agreeing to give the insurer a recorded statement.
  • Signing a Medical Authorization Release Form or similar document.
  • Posting about your accident or injuries on social media.
  • Giving a verbal or written agreement to a settlement.
  • Accepting the first settlement offer without negotiating.

A DHL delivery accident attorney in New Mexico can help you argue for a settlement that covers the full extent of your losses, including medical bills, lost wages and property repairs. If the DHL driver did not work directly for the company, your lawyer can bring a claim against his or her individual automobile insurance policy. If the driver was a DHL employee, your lawyer can file with the company’s insurer.

For more information about a claim following a DHL delivery vehicle accident in New Mexico, contact The Fine Law Firm to request a free consultation.