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Entire Family, Including Unborn Child, Involved in Deadly Accident with Truck

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Earlier this month, an unborn child, two adults, and two children were involved in a fiery crash with an 18-wheeler. According to one news report, the accident occurred on a major highway in Dallas, Texas at around 6:30 in the morning. The details of the accident are still being determined, since there is still a question as to whether the large truck was stalled or was experiencing other mechanical issues. However, the passenger vehicle and the 18-wheeler crashed into each other on the ramp.

Evidently, the tanker’s fuel tank erupted after the collision, and a fire ensued, engulfing the lumber that the truck was transporting. The flames quickly took over the entire highway, and smoke could be seen from miles away. A witness to the accident stated that he was driving right behind the truck when he saw it burst into flames. At that point, the witness did not even see the other car. He noted that he saw the truck driver get out of the car as the fuel was leaking from the large tanker.

Unfortunately, by the time emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the accident, the car was incinerated. Police officials have not released the names of the deceased individuals. An investigation into the cause of the fatal accident is ongoing.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents in New Mexico

All accidents have the potential to cause a serious amount of property damage or a devastating injury. However, truck accidents are often more disastrous just because of the sheer size and power of trucks. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides the public with statistics regarding traffic accidents across the United States. They provide information such as the types, causes, fatalities, and locations of these accidents. More specifically, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also provides more detailed information tailored to large trucks, including 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and semi-trucks.

According to information compiled by looking at both of these organizations’ statistics, it seems that there are several very common causes of large truck accidents. Some of these include brake malfunctions caused by either the driver, the owner, or the manufacturer of the truck, fuel fires in which the vehicle’s fuel tank somehow becomes ignited, jackknifing such as when the truck driver removes or reduces power to the front brakes, and rollovers.

Have You Been Injured Because of Negligence Caused by a Truck Driver in New Mexico?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a serious truck accident, it is possible that you may have a viable claim for damages. In New Mexico, there are several procedural rules that must be precisely followed, and failing to do this can result in the dismissal of your case. An attorney at the Fine Law Firm can assist you in ensuring that all of these requirements are met, and they can guide you in navigating this complex area of the law. If you are successful, you may be entitled to monetary damages for the injuries you suffered. Contact an attorney at the Fine Law Firm at 505-243-4541 to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

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