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Eddy County, New Mexico Truck Crash Results in Fatality

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A local New Mexican online newspaper reported that an Arizona man died when he was driving in Eddy County, New Mexico. The State Police representatives explained that the 60 year-old semi-truck driver was driving south of Loving when the accident occurred late last week in the early morning hours.

Apparently, the truck driver’s vehicle approached a curve and he was unable to maintain control. After reaching the curve, he proceeded onto the shoulder. His semi-truck began to roll after it fell into the ditch. No one else was injured in the accident. The New Mexico State Police have indicated that the crash is still under investigation; however, as of the most recent report, no charges have been brought.

Truck Driving Accidents in New Mexico
Although most people are aware of the severity of damage and injury to those involved in trucking accidents, it is probably surprising to note the frequency of these types of accidents. Since the oil boom in New Mexico and Texas, there has been an increasing number of trucking accidents and a higher percentage of fatalities. A trucking accident is defined as an accident where a trailer that weights about 10,000 or more crashes with other drivers, pedestrians, or stationary objects.

There are approximately 500,000 trucking accidents in the United States, and about 5,000 of these accidents result in the death of one or more individuals. In 2013, New Mexico and Texas led the states with the highest number of truck occupants killed in an accident.

Truck Driver’s Duty to Operate Safely
Truck drivers have a very important duty to operate their trucks safely. This includes making sure that the truck is in working order before embarking on any journey. The trucking company and truckers themselves should make sure to inspect the truck and ensure that they abide by all standards.

Further, truck drivers need to strictly abide by all traffic rules and regulations. Although this is important for anyone driving on a road, it is particularly important for truck drivers because their vehicles have the ability to cause much more damage than other vehicles. Many truckers have the pressure of increasing their profits as they are often paid by the mile they travel. However, acting on this motive can lead disastrous consequences.

What Can Other Drivers Do?

Although, truck drivers have a significant amount of responsibility in maintaining and operating their truck safely, so do drivers of other vehicles. Drivers who are on roads that are frequented by truck drivers should make sure to learn and implement defensive driving techniques. This not only can save their lives but it can also serve as a defense if a truck driver attempts to purport a defense of contributory negligence during a civil suit.

Have You Been Injured in a Trucking Accident in New Mexico?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident in New Mexico, you should contact the Fine Law Firm to discuss your rights and remedies. You may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries, including damages for your injuries, and possibly even punitive damages depending on your specific case. An attorney at our firm can explain to you the parties that you are able to bring a suit against and what you may recover if you are successful at negotiations or trial. Please contact the Fine Law firm today at (800) 640-6590 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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