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Early Morning Multi-Vehicle Crash Results in Truck-Driver Fatality

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Last month, an early morning multi-vehicle collision in Texas ended up causing the death of a truck driver. National news reports indicated that the 54-year-old truck driver succumbed to the serious injuries he suffered following the six-vehicle crash on Interstate 81.

Evidently, traffic began to slow down on the northbound lane of I-81, and as that happened the truck driver slammed into the back of a sedan. Because of that collision, the sedan was pushed into the median of the highway. The truck driver was unable to control the tractor-trailer, and it continued to slide north and ended up hitting another similar sedan. That car was also pushed into the middle of the highway. Even the second collision did not stop the truck, and it continued sliding north and hit another sedan. That third sedan slammed into another car, which then collided with the final vehicle involved.

Eventually, the truck turned into the median and ended up flipping over onto its right side. All of the drivers were taken to various local hospitals, and their current medical status is unknown. Unfortunately, the truck driver was not wearing a seat belt, and he was killed in the accident.

Liability in Multi-Vehicle Accidents in New Mexico

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration releases data regarding car accidents every few years, and as one can imagine, accidents that involve more than one vehicle are often the most deadly. An accident such as the one above can cause a chain reaction that can result in serious property damage and severe injuries or even death. Issues often arise in pursuing a personal injury claim in these types of cases because liability can often be difficult to assess given the number of parties involved.

Investigators will need to determine each driver’s culpability by looking into things such as what standard of care they owed the other motorists and what steps they took to avoid the accident. Issues often arise because one party can be a plaintiff and a defendant in a suit arising from the same claim.

In accidents where there are multiple vehicles involved, New Mexico’s comparative fault laws will likely come into play. New Mexico follows the liability theory of pure comparative fault. Under this theory, individuals will be held accountable based on their percentage of fault in the accident, and their compensation will be reduced by their percentage of fault.

The issue of comparative fault arises in multiple-vehicle accidents because, in many situations, the person who collided with another motorist may have only done so because they were in the middle of a chain reaction. It is important that these individuals contact an attorney to determine how to best pursue their claims while still protecting themselves.

Have You Been Involved in a Multi-Vehicle Accident in New Mexico?

If you or a loved one has unfortunately been involved in a car accident in New Mexico, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit to pursue your damages. These cases can be extremely difficult because the nature of the accident lends itself to many parties and complex questions of culpability. An attorney can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. If you are successful, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for the damages you incurred. Contact one of the dedicated attorneys at the Fine Law Firm today at 505-889-FINE to set up a free consultation.

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