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Driver Liability in New Mexico Bus Accidents

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Those who have been injured in a New Mexico bus accident may be entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries they have sustained in the accident. This compensation may include amounts for past medical expenses, as well as for any future medical needs. Additionally, successful accident victims often recover amounts for any lost wages, if applicable, as well as compensation for their pain and suffering.

In order to establish liability in a bus accident case, an accident victim must establish several elements. Essentially, the accident victim must show that the bus driver owed them a duty of care that was violated by some action of the bus driver. Alternatively, an accident victim can also establish liability by showing that the bus driver should have taken a necessary action to prevent an accident or injury but failed to do so. Additionally, the accident victim must be able to show a link between the bus driver’s alleged negligence and their injuries.

While it may seem straightforward to establish liability in a New Mexico bus accident case, in reality, the task can often be quite complex. For instance, there may be a question as to whether the bus driver was actually negligent, or a question of whether the bus driver’s employer should also be named in the lawsuit. These questions are important for accident victims to consider in advance of filing their lawsuit.

Bus Accident Kills One, Injures 12 Others

Earlier this month, a bus accident in Utah killed one teenage girl and injured 12 others. According to a local news report covering the fatal accident, the bus veered off the side of the highway and rolled down an embankment into a creek bed below. Several of the passengers were stuck inside the bus, while others crawled out the windows to safety. One passenger was able to climb out of the bus and up the embankment, and they alerted a passing truck driver to the accident.

Witnesses aboard the bus at the time told reporters that the bus had recently pulled over for a driver shift change. Not long after that, the accident occurred. Witnesses hypothesized that the driver may have suffered some kind of medical emergency immediately prior to the accident because the roads were clear, and there was no other traffic around the bus at the time it veered off the road.

Have You Been Injured in a New Mexico Bus Accident?

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