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Bus Accident in Germany Claims 18 Lives, Injuring 30 Others

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Earlier this month in Bavaria, Germany, an accident between a passenger bus and a semi-truck resulted in 18 deaths and dozens of injuries. According to a national news report covering the tragic accident, a tour bus full of seniors enjoying a summer holiday crashed into the back of a truck that had slowed down for an approaching traffic jam.

Evidently, the accident occurred at around seven in the morning, on a day with fair weather and good visibility. Reports indicate that the bus, which was carrying 48 seniors between the ages of 66 and 81, was immediately engulfed in flames as it collided with the truck. Several people were able to evacuate the bus in the moments after the accident. However, firefighters told reporters that by the time they got to the scene, no one else was able to be removed from the wreckage, due to the extreme heat given off by the burning bus.

The accident is still under official investigation, and a final report has not yet been released. However, at this early juncture, it seems as though the bus driver was either distracted or had fallen asleep behind the wheel. There is no indication that he suffered a medical event in the moments leading up to the accident. However, since the bus driver was among those who were killed in the accident, authorities will not be able to obtain his side of the story.

Distracted, Drowsy, or Drunk:  The Three Fatal D’s of Truck Driving

While there is no final answer as to what caused the tragic accident discussed above, accidents like this one do not happen without reason. In most cases, accidents involving a truck or bus slamming into a slowing or stopped vehicle on the highway are caused by either distracted driving, drowsy driving, or drunk driving.

Those injured in a truck accident involving a distracted, drowsy, or drunk driver may be entitled to compensation for their injuries through a New Mexico personal injury lawsuit. Truck drivers have a duty to safely operate their rigs while on the road. Additionally, trucking companies have an obligation to ensure that the rigs their drivers operate are safe and that drivers are properly vetted and trained. If a truck driver or trucking company fails to live up to their duty, they can be held responsible.

Have You Been Injured in a New Mexico Truck Accident?

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