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Albuquerque is New Mexico's most populated area. It contains the highest concentration of residents and businesses as well as the intersection of the state's two busiest interstates. Interstate 40, running east and west, and Interstate 25 running north and south intersect the center of the Albuquerque area. As a result, Albuquerque sees some of the heaviest semi truck traffic, and as a result some truck accidents compared to other areas.

Where do Albuquerque Semitruck Accidents Occur?

Many semi trucks pass through Albuquerque as they carry goods through New Mexico. Although Albuquerque has its share of truck stops, many commercial vehicles pass through New Mexico the span of the day to continue on their journey. However, sometimes along this path accidents occur victimizing other motorists who happen to be in the area.

Although two interstates meet in Albuquerque, the majority of semitruck accidents occur on Interstate 40 as commercial vehicles carry goods to and from Texas, Arizona, and California. Interstate 25 ends not too far to the south and as a result experiences less commercial traffic. Nonetheless, no matter where you go on any Albuquerque interstate, a semi truck is likely not far in front or behind you.

However, not all Albuquerque semitruck accidents occur on Albuquerque's two interstates. Just as semi trucks have become a necessity for national economy, they also serve a crucial role for many of Albuquerque's local businesses. As a result, it is not uncommon to see semi-trucks taking short trips from one part of the city to another as they deliver necessary products.

Who Investigates Albuquerque Semitruck Accidents?

Most any truck accident that occurs within the Albuquerque city limits will be investigated by the Albuquerque Police Department. There are, however, certain sections within the city that are under the jurisdiction of the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department. Most any accident that occurs with an Albuquerque will be investigated by either of these two law enforcement agencies. Although the Department of Transportation is supposed to investigate any accident involving a commercial vehicle, and provide a very detailed report, that is simply not always the case.

There've been countless times where a semi truck accident occurs within the Albuquerque city boundaries and never investigated by the Department of Transportation. As a result, Albuquerque semitruck accident victims are often left piecing together limited information that they can from police reports that are simply not equipped to gather all the necessary evidence, information, and data.

What Happens With Albuquerque Semitruck Accident Cases?

Generally, an Albuquerque semitruck accident case will be filed either within state court or federal court. More often than not semitruck cases that arise from Albuquerque accidents are filed within state court and specifically, Bernalillo County. However, depending on the facts surrounding the Albuquerque accident, including where the drivers are from and where the truck company's registered agent is located, in some cases can be filed in other parts of the state.

However, given the significant injuries that occur in semi truck accident cases, and the fact that often times they occur on interstates where there is a higher likelihood that the plaintiff and defendant will be from states outside of New Mexico, and Albuquerque semitruck accident may find itself going through the federal court process rather than state court.

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